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Tall Building Photo Wall Frame Design for bedroom, living room.  It is good quality wall art frame decor and best choice for standard interior decoration.

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Tall Building Photo Wall Frame Design

Tall Building Photo Wall Frame Design Photo  framed with art frame is recommended for your interior decoration. Why should you get this vase behind drape? The answer is simple: first, it is of quality meet for standard interior decoration for hotels and luxurious home and offices. and, it is made perfectly with refined wood.  This means there is no time in the future where the frame will get rust. You may think that the wood may be eaten by parasites. No! This is because it is refined and treated, and it is coated with thick surface vinyl which makes it water and parasites resistant making the wooden texture not visible for parasites.

Secondly, the  picture print is High definition quality of  300dpi.This means the picture is original and will not look blurry but sharp and smart. Meanwhile the surface of the print is is protected with clear acrylic glass or clear vinyl lamination. Each of these are high quality finishing. Ans they help to protect the print from scratch or stain. Some people do not like glass frame screen other prefer it. However the choice is for you to make.


Cute Green Leaf , wall frame in nigeria

You may not be familiar with the word acrylic glass, but you may know it by seeing it, the picture here is an acrylic glass frame. Many love the look of wall frame made with glass but when they think of breakage they are discouraged. However,  acrylic glass sheet is not the regular glass and it is not prone to breakage unlike the regular glass. The reason is that acrylic glass is of a plastic nature. Although plastic items may break but not as easy as normal glass items. This is the fate of the acrylic glass used for this product. And that gives it an edge removing the fear of breakage.


This is cheaper as you know it, is the regular photo clear lamination used by photographers who enlarge and frame your pictures. This vinyl is of good quality and cheaper than acrylic glass, but the other looks more luxurious and classy.


This frame comes in different sizes and different prices giving you a free will to make a right choice according to your need and how much you may be willing to spend, and the different sizes, result in different prices as well.

Moreover, although the variations of this wall frame may results in different price other than the displayed price depending on the variation you selected. But the frame will add a luxurious finishing touch to your interior decoration. Instead of just getting a road side frame or from local stores, get this one and get the worth for your money with great satisfaction. You can return it if you are not satisfied after some days.

Why Tall Building Photo Wall Frame Design?

Some people buy frames for different reasons, many do just to cover a certain space on their wall which does not appear good. But we with this product, it is not just a another frame to cover a space. It is unique and custom made. However this art frame will not only give you a covering. It will change the entire look of your interior design by perfecting beauty in true aesthetic value. And give you the worth for your money.

Finally, you may have ordered for frame like me once in your life, only to see a roll of paper. Hey! this print is already framed with “Art frame” of 0.8 centimeters wide. On the side it is 2.3 centimeters thick. A strong tiny frame created to bring out the aesthetic value of any art piece. And it is made in such a way that it is solid and firm to stand the text of time. It meets the intent of wall gallery decoration in perfect and beautiful reality. It makes the eyes focus on the art print more than the frame itself. In other words, the beauty of the frame is seen in projecting the image rather than seeking self glory. This is the intelligent rule of art. Whether it is your hotel, office, sitting room, bedroom, hallway, passage, just name it, We have one of the best wall frames catalog in Nigeria.


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