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This wall art frame comes with different sizes which may not necessarily be the size you perceived here on the image. The displayed price is for the medium or small available size, find it out through the options below, you can chose larger size if available, but that will show you a different price. check below for product descriptions…

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This product is a high quality HD art print, already framed with unique art frame of 0.3inches wide pole. This is uncommon frame which is created to bring out the aesthetic value of any art piece. It is created to meet the intent of wall gallery decoration in perfect and beautiful reality. Whether it is your sitting room, bedroom, hallway, just name it, this wall frame will brighten up any space. This frame will add a luxurious finishing touch to your interior decoration. Instead of just getting road sides frames from local stores who focus on what the poor can only purchase, just because you want to cover a certain space on your wall, this product will not only give you a covering, but will change the entire look of your wall by perfecting beauty in true aesthetic value, giving you the worth for your money.

Our products are made in Nigeria and we take it with so much pride to produce such high quality products that ought to make you proud as a Nigerian. They meet a high quality taste even more than what the popular fragile China frames, which are mostly produced for Africans. If you watch movies often you will discover that the Americans or western countries do not patronize the china frames, they go for product like this, solid, weighty, durable to stand the test of time. And while we trust in God Almighty to have our products sold all over the world, we appreciate you for giving us this opportunity by joining thousands of our customers to tell a Nigerian successul story on your wall, that despite the challenges we face as a nation, we are blessed and have the ability to do even better than most nations of the world in terms of production, and this rise with many other companies like Lumaarc, will in the course of time change the story of Nigeria affecting its economy globally.

We sell majorly wholesale to major marketers in Lagos Nigeria who sell to retailers, but here you have the opportunity to get it at this time when you might have seen our adverts on social media, other than such time like this, attending to our online consumers may not be possible, because we sell bulks to major marketers and this take our time mostly off attending to online customers. But we have this time for you now if you found yourself here through seeing our advert on social media. But if not through, our advert, after placing your order, you may need to alert us through our Whatsapp to follow up by tracking your order, less your order be ignored, not willingly but because we may not be focus on the online customers as at the time you find yourself here, unless by advert which we do not do all the time of the year

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  1. The frame looks more attractive on ground, I love it.

  2. The frames worth the money, I will buy another one soon.

  3. The frame is beautiful.

  4. it’s beautiful and good quality.

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